There are three different ways that our Standard Oak tops differ from other similar-looking tops that are out there.


The first is the source of the material. Other tops can have these pieces of oak thrown together from undisclosed sources, so you have no idea where they’ve come from, how they have been seasoned, and what will happen to them over time. Meanwhile, with our tops, all of the oak in a Standard French Oak top comes from the same tree. And, coming from France, where the regulations are so stringent, you know it has been seasoned properly and will last.


The second difference is the construction. Other tops out there are often thrown together and look like a real hodgepodge—a real jigsaw of different colours, with different character in different parts of the table with next to no thought given to the configuration. On the other hand, to put our tops together, we carefully cut every piece of oak, check the orientation and the colours in each piece, and then arrange them, spending a long time deciding where each piece needs to be to make a really balanced, good-looking piece of furniture.


The third difference is the finish. Other tops out there often just have a flooring oil or a hard wax oil thrown onto them, which gives a very average level of protection. What tends to happen with hard wax oil or flooring oil is that it will get cut rings quite easily. We know this because we have used these products in the past. Our Standard French Oak tops have our Induro finish, the best finish we’ve ever produced. It gives the highest quality look to the surface and the best possible protection to the oak.

When you add these three things up, you can be sure of a product that is significantly better in terms of quality, appearance, and longevity.