If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please give us a call at 01494 573170, fill out an enquiry form, or send us an email at info@abacustables.co.uk

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How do I find prices?

You can enter your email address on this page to see our full price list. Alternatively, you can fill out our enquiry form here or give us a call on 01494 573170.

How much does an 8-10 seater table cost?

Our prices vary significantly depending on your choice of table top and leg design. Generally speaking, our prices range from approximately £2,500 to £18,000 for an 8-10 seater. To compare prices for the different leg design and table top combinations, we recommend clicking here to see our price list, which includes a video explaining how it all works.

How do I get a quote for a size not listed in your price list?

Our price list only shows our most popular sizes, although we can make virtually any size. If the size that you’re looking for isn’t on our price list, give us a call at 01494 573170 or fill out our enquiry form here.

Do you offer extending tables?

We can make extensions for all of our table models. You can choose from one 500mm extension to one end or two 500mm extensions to both ends, increasing the seating capacity by two and four diners. Please give us a call at 01494 573170 or fill out our enquiry form to discuss your requirements.

Can you make round and square tables?

Yes, we can make both round and square tables (in virtually any size). Please give us a call at 01494 573170 or fill out our enquiry form to discuss your requirements.

Can you make a table of any size?

Yes, we can make any size. Please give us a call at 01494 573170 or fill out our enquiry form, and once we know a bit more about what you’re looking for, we can give you some recommendations.

Can you make completely bespoke tables?

Yes, we can make virtually anything. If you have something specific in mind, please send over some pictures to info@abacustables.co.uk along with sizing and anything else that is important to you. We’ll then come back to you with our thoughts.

How do I know what table size I need?

We have size guides on each product page. You can click here to see all of dining tables, where you will find a guide on each page. If you would like some help with sizing, please give us a call at 01494 573170 or fill out our enquiry form.

Do you offer different timber colour tones?

We offer eight different colour tones, all of which come with our Induro finish for maximum protection.

How stable are your central leg tables?

With any of our central base designs, although they’re not as stable as a traditional two- or four-leg table, the table won't budge if you lean on the end. It may move if someone intentionally tries to move it by applying a lot of force to one end, for example, but this is unlikely and has never posed a problem for any of our customers.

Our tables are designed to be stable under normal circumstances, and for our peace of mind, we test every table before it gets delivered. They’re heavy, so there’s a lot of weight anchoring the table down, which is hard to portray with photos.

If you receive your table and are worried that its stability doesn’t suit your intended use, we will replace it without hesitation. However, it’s worth noting that we have sold many central pedestal tables, and no one has yet come back to us with any stability problems.

Do you offer matching coffee tables & other matching furniture?

Yes, we can make entire matching sets of furniture. What is more, if you go for one of our oaks, we can make each piece of furniture from the same tree for a completely unique and authentically matching set.

What table tops do you offer?

We offer a large range of table tops, including impressive timbers, breathtaking resin-infused tops, and rare natural stones. Click here to see our full range.

What type of oak do you offer?

We offer two types of French Oak: Standard Oak and Statement Oak. This video explains the differences between the two.

What's the difference between standard and statement oak?

If you want a really high-quality Oak table top, both our Standard French Oak and Statement French Oak tops are great options. This video explains the differences between the two.

How stain-proof are your timber tables? What finish do you use?

We use our Induro Finish on all of our timber products. This finish offers an incredibly high level of stain resistance, so spills can be wiped up easily. It also has powerful UV blockers to protect against fading and bleaching in direct sunlight.

How durable/practical are your resin-infused tables?

Our resin-infused table tops are highly practical and durable. Each resin table we build undergoes a rigorous process specifically designed to prevent splitting and warping. In addition, we ensure practicality with our ultra-protective ceramic coating, so you can use and enjoy the table without worrying about the surface scratching and staining. See how our resin tables compare to others on the market in this video.

Do you offer single wide-slab timber table tops?

Our Indonesian Suar table tops are a fantastic option if you’re looking for an impressive single-slab table. However, if you have another material in mind, please get in touch, as we can source other wide timber slabs.

I'm confused, where should I start?

If you would like someone to explain the options, you can give us a call at 01494 573170, and we will walk you through the process. Alternatively, you can fill out our enquiry form, which provides some useful links and questions and will put you on the right path.

Do you have a showroom? Can I visit?

We have a showroom in High Wycombe at the following address:

Abacus Tables, Unit 17
Wye Estate, London Road
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
HP11 1LH

Our opening hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, by appointment only.

You can book an appointment by emailing info@abacustables.co.uk or calling us on 01494 573170.

Do you offer video consultations?

Yes, we can arrange a video consultation from our showroom. Please email info@abacustables.co.uk  with your preferred date and time to request a video consultation.

What's your lead time?

Our lead time is 3-4 months. Please be aware that large timber tables on the market with shorter lead times do not allow the time to carry out the in-depth processes required to address the risk of twisting and warping. We recommend reading this essential article to learn how to safeguard yourself against expensive mistakes when buying a large timber table.

We also limit our production to 20 tables each month to ensure that we can assign the care and attention needed to create the most impressive centrepieces possible.

How much does delivery cost?

We offer free delivery to mainland UK. For orders outside of mainland UK, please let us know where you are and what you’re looking for, and we will provide you with some costings.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we do ship abroad. Please let us know where you are and what you’re looking for, and we will provide you with some costings.

Do you offer free courtesy tables?

Yes, we offer free courtesy tables for all bespoke table orders.

How quickly can I get a courtesy table?

We can arrange delivery of a courtesy table within one week of your order being placed.

My property has restricted access. Is this an issue?

Generally, this isn’t an issue as the table top and legs are assembled in situ. However, if access is tight, please send us some photos of the property access along with the table that you’re interested in, and we will advise.