The wood finish is one of the most important aspects of a table. It doesn’t matter how long you spend choosing the material, deciding which piece goes where, building the table, shaping it, and sanding it—it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into all of that if you don’t get the finish right.


The finish you use and the application method determine the visible surface quality in the first instance. And, when you start using the table, how well that finish stands up to stains and marks determines how long it will stay looking like new. This, in turn, determines how much you love that product and how much you love using that table over the many years that you’re going to have it.


The finish comes from the level of protection given to the wood. Our Induro finish (now used on all of our wooden products) used to be reserved for our Statement French Oak, which is our most impressive oak product. This is because so much time and effort goes into getting that finish right.


Every step has to be perfect. The temperature of the room has to be right. The temperature of the oil itself has to be right. You’ve got to use the right spray equipment. You’ve got to use the right number of coats. The preparation in between coats has got to be right. The curing time of every coat has to be right. If you don’t get every single step of the process right, then the quality of the appearance, the overall performance, and the stain-protective performance don’t come close to what we can now achieve.


Once we figured this process out, we compared the result to the industry standard oils that we used on our Standard Oak in the past, and we realised it didn’t compare. So, we now use Induro across all of our wooden products. It doesn’t matter which stain colour you use, whether it’s natural oak or our coloured stains. It doesn’t matter whether you go with our Statement Oak or our Standard Oak; you’re going to get the Induro finish.

So, whatever product you choose, you’ll get a pristine finish surface quality and ultimate peace of mind from having the best-protected wooden surface we’ve ever found.