If you spill wine on your table, I imagine you would wipe it up immediately. However, bits and bobs can get spilt over the course of a meal, and you may find splashes here and there that you weren’t aware of and that have dried in a little bit. These can be a bit more concerning with other finishes. However, with our Induro finish, even these aren’t a worry. It’s simply a case of using a damp cloth to wipe them, and they should come straight off.

What’s more, if you put a brand new hot cup of coffee straight on a table with the Induro finish, you would not have a problem. I know this because I have tested it many times. I have poured boiling water straight into a cup, let the cup heat up, put it straight on the table, and left it there. You’re not going to have a problem.


If you’re having custom furniture made, you’re spending a reasonable amount of money on it because you want something to last forever. As such, no matter how good the finish is, I still advise that you always use placemats and coasters to ensure that it stays looking brand new for as long as possible.

If you ask me whether or not you can put a hot cup of coffee on the surface, my answer is yes. If you ask me if you should use placemats and coasters, my answer is also yes. However, because it’s such a protective finish, this should give you peace of mind, meaning you don’t have to be quite as strict as you would be otherwise. For example, if someone visiting your house puts a glass on your table, you don’t have to say, “Please, can you move your glass off my brand-new table?” That’s just not the case.

If anyone spills anything on it, you don’t have to run to the kitchen to get a cloth and wipe up around them. You don’t have to do any of that. Just wipe the table with a damp cloth after using it. Then, simply dry it off if you want the finish to last even longer, and you will avoid any build-up of marks.


The majority of our tables end up going into newly renovated houses or new-build houses where there can often be a wall of windows. We’ve never had any issues with bleaching of any of our tables reported to us. This is because the Induro finish has UV blockers within it. So, don’t let concerns about potential bleaching prevent you from choosing one of our wooden tables because it is never an issue we have encountered.