The Abacus Partnership Programme

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Earn Money Promoting Abacus Tables

Does your business serve customers who are buying, renovating or improving their home?

Or does your brand promote or sell to the affluent end of the market?

Or do you just like our products and think that your customers or followers might like them too?

If you like what we do and think that your customers or followers might too, we want to be partners with you: You direct potential customers our way and we’ll pay you for everyone that converts into a sale.
Regardless of how your business works, there are lots of ways you can direct potential customers to us.
And it’s FREE. There is no setup cost, there is no ongoing cost and there is no training required.
Most importantly, we’re not asking you to sell our products for us, we have a team and a system to do that already and you’re busy selling your own products or services.
We will make it as simple as possible by providing you with everything you need to maximise the potential of your audience.

Because there is no cost, everything you earn as an Abacus Partner is 100% profit that can add to your bottom line or use to help reduce the cost of your advertising and marketing.

Here’s How It Works

You refer someone to us (via one or more of the options below), they will get £100 discount when they buy, you will receive a £200 commission for every order you have referred. And that’s not all…

We will actively help the boost the business of all our partners. Our marketing drives around 10,000 new visitors to our website every month and our email list is constantly growing, with currently around 30,000 people we provide useful and engaging content to every month.

We will create a profile of your business on our website with a back-link to your website that will boost your search engine visibility. We will also include your business in a monthly newsletter email that introduces your business to 10’s of thousands of new potential customers.

We will assign a unique partner code to your business so you can track your referred sales as they come in and see how much commission is coming at the end of the month.

To make referring Abacus as easy as possible, we will provide you with a high quality brochure for your showroom(s) or welcome packs and an email equivalent that you can give and / or send to every new customer as either a separate email, or incorporated into your order confirmation email (so there is no extra work for you at all).

Plus don’t forget, if you have an existing customer list, there may be potential referral sales and commission hidden in that list. So you don’t just need to wait for new orders to come in to start referring your customers, you can email the referral code to your list to generate immediate referrals right away.

These and other approaches  are outlined below so you can see the different ways you can start to generate referral profit, depending on how you stay in touch with your customers and followers. You can choose one, or as many as you like:

Ads On Your Site

If you’re buying online advertising and spending on SEO to generate website visitors, those visitors could be generating income for you even if they don’t buy from you, bringing down your CPA or increasing your marketing budget. We can design a tasteful ad, to suit the design of your website and the ad will contain a link with a unique tracking code for your business.

Dedicated Email To Your List

We talk to our leads list every week, showing them photos of new tables we’ve installed and educated them on how to choose the best product for their needs. Maybe you don’t want ads on your website, but if you like what we do and feel comfortable promoting our products to your email list, we can provide some short, unique and interesting email content for you to send out to your list once a month.

Social Media Share

Do you have a social media following? Maybe posting and sharing content with them regularly is how you promote your business? We produce regular new content that you can share on any of your profiles. Product photos, interesting blog posts… whatever you like to share with your followers we can provide you with.


Email Ads

If you don’t want ads on your site, but you collect leads and communicate regularly with your list, we can give you a clickable ad for your emails. That way, the content of your emails remains 100% about your business, but there’s the opportunity for anyone reading your emails who is, or might soon be, looking for a table, to click our ad. It doesn’t need to look like an ad if that’s not in keeping with your style, a simple text link is all that’s needed.

Blog Post

Do you have a blog? Does it work for you and get interaction? We have a tonne of really useful information for anyone considering buying a table, that we can provide to you for your blog, containing a link with your own unique tracking code.

A Flyer In a Sample Pack

Do you send out a sample pack? We can provide you with a nicely designed printed voucher or card for you to include with your samples, with a promotional code that is unique for your customers. Every time one of them uses a discount, you get a commission.

Face to Face Vouchers

If you’re a tradesperson, you likely do most of your work face to face rather than online. We can provide you with a printed voucher or card for you to hand to your customers, with a promotional code that is unique for your customers.

Automated Email After Purchase

Is your business e-commerce and largely automated online? We can provide you with an email to build into your aftersales communications so there is no risk of it affecting your conversion rate.

Bespoke Promotion

If you have another way of getting our products in front of your followers, visitors or customers, we can agree on a unique solution that works for us both.
We have made the Abacus Partnership as simple as possible. As a partner, you will receive an automated report each month that shows you how many unique visitors, leads and sales have been generated from your business’s unique tracking code, with a calculation of how much you have earned that month.
Our system is completely transparent. We send out the complete order reports with sequential order numbers for the month, showing the origin and tracking code associated with every order.
Your Partnership income will be automatically paid into your account 7 days later, so you get paid every month at the same time.
If you are interested in becoming an Abacus Partner, just enter your basic details below and we’ll get in touch to set you up.