The Perfect Fit Guarantee

We understand that buying a piece of furniture from us is an important investment. So, once it’s delivered, if for any reason you feel that the size or style isn’t quite right, we’ll happily adjust or replace it. This guarantee is in place to ensure that you end up with something you love and to give you complete peace of mind when investing in Abacus furniture.


Maximum Protection, Minimum Maintenance

Special timbers deserve special finishes. Our Premium Induro finish is without doubt, the best performing and most natural-looking finish that we’ve ever come across and is worthy of the most precious timber. It has been tested against everything you can imagine including turmeric, wine, olive oil and hot coffee, and outperforms everything else in both stain resistance and durability.


Everlasting Value

With any large piece of timber, you simply cannot eliminate the risk of some natural movement such as cracking and twisting as it acclimatises to your home. We go to extreme lengths to avoid any movement issues, but for your complete peace of mind every table is protected by our ‘Wood Movement Warranty’ to guarantee you’ll get the ultimate long-term value from your table.


Courtesy Table While You Wait

If you can’t wait (or don’t want to wait) for your new table to be made, we’ll deliver you a beautiful, high-quality Abacus Courtesy Table to use while you wait for your order.


Trade In Option

If you ever move house and need a new table, we’ll take back your existing Abacus table and give you a significant discount towards a new one.


Optional Life-Proof Cover

Our table coatings are the best that they can be, but they can’t protect against everything (like paint spills, dents, scratches etc). Our Life-Proof Cover is designed specifically for these unforeseeable accidents. So, for the next 5 years if your table top gets damaged in any way, it will be repaired in your home within a few days. If it can’t be repaired we’ll replace the entire table for free. And you can make as many claims as you like!