A collection of the world’s most striking and extraordinary stone slabs.

At Abacus Tables, we specialise in exceptional natural stone table tops. Each of our handpicked slabs showcases nature’s spectacular designs and hues, an example of the awe-inspiring phenomena that lie deep in the earth. These aren’t just any stone slabs, these are among the rarest and most striking stones in the world, guaranteed to create a unique and captivating statement piece for any setting.

Our curated collection comprises a beautiful range of marble, granite, and quartzite stone slabs, ready to be paired with any of our table bases to suit your space and reflect your style.

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white and black marble dining table abacus tables stone dining table slider
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black and gold granite dining table abacus tables stone dining table slider
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black and white marble dining table abacus tables stone dining table slider
stone dining tables abacus tables
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stone dining table sets - abacus tables - crimson veil marble table
large stone dining table - abacus tables - carrara marble table
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Abstract Italia | Marble

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Stormy White | Marble

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Emerald Ripple | Marble

Image Slide 2

Indian Gold | Granite

Image Slide 2

Brazilian Inferno | Quartzite

Image Slide 2

Lunar Waves | Marble

Image Slide 2

Chromatic Wave | Marble

Image Slide 2

Spanish Noir | Marble

Image Slide 2

Jade Forest | Marble

Image Slide 2

Blue Oasis | Quartzite

Image Slide 2

Crimson Veil | Marble

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Carrara | Marble

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​At Abacus Tables, practicality is paramount. While the innate durability and resistance characteristics vary between marble, granite, and quartzite, we ensure that all our stone tabletops meet the highest standards of practicality.

While marble is naturally more prone to staining, etching and heat damage than granite and quartzite (granite being the most naturally resistant), we offer an ultra-protective finish that makes each slab stain-proof, heat-proof, and etch-proof. As such, all of the stones we offer make incredibly practical and durable tabletop surfaces that will retain their natural beauty and durability indefinitely.

It’s important to note that the scratch resistance of marble, granite, and quartzite differs due to their innate hardness. Marble, the softest, scores a 3-4 on the Mohs Hardness Scale (numbered 1 to 10), whereas granite and quartzite score 6-7 and 7, respectively (for reference, diamond scores a perfect 10, being the hardest natural material on earth). While our protective finish can shield against stains and heat, nothing can alter the innate hardness of the stone. As such, we always recommend treating your stone dining table with care to avoid scratches. However, if scratch resistance is a big consideration for you, granite and quartzite are both great options.

Read more about the durability and characteristics of each stone here.

Rest assured, the practicality of our stone tabletops is as enduring as their beauty, making them the perfect addition to any interior.


We offer a range of marble, granite and quartzite stone slabs, all specifically selected for their distinctive, vibrant and eye-catching colours and patterns.

Common types of marble typically feature soft veins and subtle patterns which can vary in colour. Quartzites generally have a similar appearance to marble. Granite typically presents a uniform and speckled look and an even more extensive colour range. However, it’s important to note that the difference between the three isn’t always obvious, especially as we offer rare examples of each stone. This means that the common description of each isn’t sufficient to cover the speciality stones that we offer, so we recommend you view the full range available (regardless of stone type) to find the perfect slab for you.

There are three finishes available. These are:

Polished – A glossy, reflective surface.

Honed – A smooth surface, less reflective surface that feels like an eggshell.

Satin – A slightly rippled surface that has a texture similar to orange peel.

However, the finishes available are determined by what is most suitable for each stone slab. This suitability is established on a slab-by-slab basis and not on the type of stone. For this reason, we recommend focusing on colours and patterns, and then we can advise on the finish options available.


You can think about natural stones in the same way as diamonds – what makes a particular stone special is its rarity and appearance. While the price range of natural stones varies widely depending on these factors, there is a general belief that quartzite is the most expensive and that granite is the most affordable. However, our selection goes beyond the more common types of these stones, as we primarily focus on rare slabs. Therefore, it’s important to note that certain granites and marbles can actually be more valuable than some of the more common quartzites.

Overall, the value and beauty of natural stones are not solely determined by their type but also by their unique qualities and rarity. With our carefully curated collection of natural stone slabs (and access to many more), we can help you find the perfect stone for your space.

We’ve categorized our natural stones into three price bands to help you navigate your options: Band A, Band B, and Band C. Our selection in Price Band A includes more commonly found stones like Carrara Marble, while our Price Band C features rarer examples.

Click here to see all stones and price bands.

Click here to see all stone prices with all leg designs.


Stone slabs are normally quite wide, typically ranging from 1.5m-1.9m in width. In terms of length, the majority of slabs range between 2.5m-2.9m, but there are also some around the 3.5m mark. If you’re looking for an extra large stone dining table, we can offer book-matched tabletops: two mirror-image stone slabs set end to end. You can also expect a thickness of approximately 20-30mm, depending on the slab.


Click Here to see our full range of stones where we showcase 18 different stone types with an image that is typical of each.

If you decide to order a table with a stone top, we’ll send you photos of the available slabs in the stone that you’ve specified. You’ll then be able to choose the slab that you like best, or explore different stone types until you’re 100% happy with your selection.

If you have specific colours and patterns in mind that you don’t see, please let us know as we can likely source something to suit you.



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You can pair any of our tabletop types with any leg design to create your perfectly tailored, custom-built centrepiece.



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