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This is our Indonesian Suar wood. These table tops are made from one complete slab of timber from a tree. You can imagine how big the trees are by looking at these slabs—they are remarkable. Once you see and touch one in the flesh, you cannot deny that they are fantastic. It’s not just the single piece of wood that makes this table top so impressive; it’s also that they are super chunky. They have such an impact, such a presence in a room. They’re unlike anything else.


What’s brilliant about these Suar slabs is that you can choose the exact slab you want. They vary quite a lot, so there are a lot of different choices. Some slabs have a more consistent width along the slab, while some flare out more at either end. There are also many different colours and patterns—such as different caramel colours and varying chocolate tones. Some have lighter sapwood at the edges, which can be a little thicker or thinner, and others don’t. The features you get in them are unbelievable. They’re unlike any other timber. For example, you get this kind of quilting in some of them, which I really love.


You can choose any size that you want. It doesn’t matter if you want a little coffee table, a large rectangular dining table, or a round table. Whatever you want, there is a slab. There are multiple slabs to choose from at each size. You can see from the slabs shown in the video that they come in all different shapes and sizes. One slab shown was so long that a coffee table came off one end, and the dining table came off the rest. So you go from small slabs right up to giant slabs. We also show one huge table in the video, which is over six metres long and 1.7 metres wide. It is huge. They’re just so versatile—there’s nothing like them.


A common question we get is whether they are sustainable. I initially wondered about the same and avoided them altogether for a while, but then I decided to learn about them and find a reputable source. We learned that any timber that comes into the UK must be proven sustainable. It doesn’t matter if it’s from Indonesia, France, or anywhere. It cannot come into the country without proof of sustainability. But even better about these table tops is that Indonesian timber goes to another level. It has to have a FLEGT license to come into the UK, which each forester has to provide. This license shows that the wood is sustainably sourced and treated properly and can come into the UK without risk or ethical issues.


We have been working with that supplier in Indonesia for nearly five years. This brings me to the second question people sometimes have: What are these things like over time? Do they twist? Do they warp? Do they split? In our experience with our forester and this timber, we’ve never encountered these issues. There are no differences in wood movement issues compared to any timber, whether it’s the French oak we work with or the Suar slabs. For that reason, we give them our full wood movement warranty because the risk and degree of movement are so small. If anything were to go wrong, it would be fully covered with a warranty. You can choose something absolutely spectacular for your home without risking issues with the timber.

So that’s it. These things are unbelievable. I absolutely love them. I’m currently choosing one for my home, and I firmly believe that you will be just as excited as me if you purchase an Indonesian Suar table. They are so impressive and will make your space unlike anyone else’s.