In the video above, I start by showing one of our new Suar tops that we’re preparing to put in our showroom. It’s three metres long, 80 millimetres thick, and about 1.3 metres wide. You can see the colours coming out in it—chocolates, caramels, dark tones offset by the white sapwood edge. It’s a typical colouring in a Suar top with a lovely wavy edge. It’s a big, impressive table by anyone’s standards… You might think.


I then move on to show an incredible 6.2-metre-long Indonesian Suar table that we just made for a boardroom in Soho. It’s 120 millimetres thick and 1.7 metres wide. Just see how long it takes me to walk along it. It’s ginormous. It is also an example of what Suar looks like in its raw form.

The video also shows the industrial legs that are ready to be fitted on the boardroom table. The client made a special request to match the room’s style, which is amazing in itself. (What you see in the video is the underside of the table with the legs positioned, ready to be fitted.)

The table top is made out of two pieces from the same tree, which have been flipped over (it’s a little bit difficult to see as the table is currently upside down, but along the centre line, there’ll be a natural reflection). So, what you see on one side of the table will be flipped over and reflected on the other.


We will do a video in a couple of weeks to show the installation of the boardroom table because it will be something special. Imagine—a table of that size but with the finish of the first table in the video. Very exciting!

There you have it, what would usually be considered a very big table compared to what will be a gigantic and absolutely amazing boardroom table. Stay tuned to see the installation videos coming up.