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About This Project


About This Project

This project introduced several new aspects into our work. Ikram came to us after being let down by another table maker so we were even more keen than usual to ensure he wasn’t let down again. As you can see, the table was to live outside undercover. For the oak, we used a special outdoor version of our Induro™ finish with a sprayed application, which carries with it several days of curing time between coats. This level of protection is essential for an outdoor table, not only to protect from the sunlight and moisture in the air, but also because outdoor tables are subjected to severe temperature changes between day and night, summer and winter. Because the finish is only available in a clear natural option (unless you want a plastic-y looking glossy surface), we have the manufacturer create a Smoked Oak stain colour-matched to our colour palette.

The table has a Dekton Bromo Centre-piece, matching as closely as possible to the Anthracite legs, which is designed to withstand virtually any stains and hot dishes can be placed directly onto the surface without damaging or leaving marks. We supplied and mounted 2 ethanol burners in the Dekton that create a beautiful evening atmosphere around the table.

The final innovation in this project was the bench leg design. I should also mention quickly that the table and bench legs were given a special zinc primer coating for extra corrosion protection in the outdoor environment. Anyway, you might notice that the bench legs taper inwards towards the floor, rather than our standard Komodo bench legs which taper outwards. They look even better in the flesh than in the 3D design. A great project and a very very happy customer (who provided all of the night shots you can see).


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