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These are our resin-infused Pippy oak tables. What is a resin table? For us, it’s all about preserving the best of what nature has to offer. The oak that we use for these tables is some of the oldest, most beautiful, and most characterful oak in the world. By creating these tables, we are exhibiting these fragile pieces of nature’s work and preserving them to create genuine pieces of functional artwork for your home.


We begin by sourcing timber with two key features: beautiful character and a tactile, interesting edge. The unique features of the oak tell the story of a tree that’s been growing for hundreds of years. The beautiful, fragile edge is preserved and showcased in the centre of the table, contrasted by the resin.

If we make a table like this for you, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the timber. We will propose the pieces, and you can select the one that you really fall for. The contrast and features of each piece will make your table unlike any other – a completely unique piece made jus for you.


Next, we work on the resin in the centre of the table. This detailed work turns the edges of the tree into a stunning, tactile feature. We offer a wide selection of resin colours, or we can create a custom colour that fits your room’s theme.


We fully encase these tables in a thin clear coat of resin in order to prevent issues like wood separation or bending. You can choose between a satin finish, which gives a more natural look, or a high gloss polished finish for a real wow factor.

The final step is applying a 2 step ceramic coating for an ultra durable, scratch-resistant, and silky smooth surface.


Each of our resin tables is custom-made to your exact specifications. You can have virtually any size and shape, and pair this unique table top with any of our leg designs, all of which will be custom sized to ensure the best possible proportions.


These tables are amongst the most spectacular centrepieces that you can imagine, allowing you to enjoy a unique piece of functional, natural art at the centre of your home, every single day.