If you have children and you’re worried about spending money on a table that they may spill food over or draw on with a pen, it’s a valid concern. I’d be worried about it as well. However, with our Induro Finish, you can be sure that anything spilt will wipe off. You simply don’t have to worry about spills and things like that.

What’s more, if a child sticks a fork in it and scratches it, which has happened, it can be refinished. In fact, we just delivered a table back a couple of days ago where a child had scribbled a blue pen all over it and stuck a biro in it. We just refinished the whole table to new condition.


The benefit of using the Induro Finish is that it can be refreshed. It also comes down to using high-quality materials. If you’ve got a table made of small pieces of wood that have been glued together, then that’s not a table that can be refinished easily. It can destroy the joins within the pieces of wood as you try to refinish it, and in many cases, there might only be a very thin layer of wood there. All of our tables have full-length pieces of wood called staves and the full thickness of the table. So it doesn’t matter what happens to the surface of that table; we can refinish it. It can always be brought back to new.


Cleaning any of our wooden surfaces with the Induro finish is easy. You just get a cloth, wet it under a tap, wring it out, and wipe the surface off. That’s going to get rid of any marks that are sat on the surface. If you want the finish to last as long as possible, grab a tea towel and dry it off. We’ve had tables that have been with customers for several years, and we’ve gone out to inspect them or do some maintenance work and have been amazed at how fresh the finish looks.


What tends to happen is people will say, “Can you refresh my table?” The place they’ve sat that’s had a lot of use might start to fade, and that’s just from heavy use. People might sit in one corner of the table, and from every use, after a couple of years, they might want a refresh. But the rest of the table that’s had spills wiped off many, many times still looks brand-new.

If one of our tables needs refinishing, we always ask for some photos because it might be something we can do without even having to take the table away. If it’s just a case of putting an extra coat of oil on it, we can do that in your house. If some patches need doing, or if there’s any damage that you want us to repair, we will bring you a courtesy table to use. We’ll install the courtesy table, take your table away, do the refinishing work within a couple of weeks, bring it back to you, collect the courtesy table, and you’ll have a table back that’s as good as new.