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On this you’ll find design shots of our new table model, all of which are available to buy right now.

These models haven’t yet been added to our price list, so if you have any questions or would like some price options for any particular size, please email us at [email protected], or call us on Call 01752 936123

The Baobab Collection

This collection of tables is designed by Alex Joo, a steel sculptural artist and engineer based in Australia. He is heavily influenced by nature’s shapes and these table bases are made by hand individually from plate steel. Because of the 3 dimensional curved surfaces, the fabrication process demands an extreme level of precision and care that has taken Alex many years to perfect.

These table bases have been rigorously tested and are extremely strong. They can be made for table tops over 3m in size and, because we work directly with the artist, a design can be adapted to ensure the perfect proportions with different sizes and shapes of table top. As well as these designs, the artist also designs other models like console tables and coffee tables, to make a matching set.

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You can choose any material for the table top, from oak to stone and virtually any other material and the table bases have a durable powder coated textured finish. What that means is you can have any of these table designs in the exact size, style and colour you want.

Every piece is a true work of art, custom built just for you.

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The Select Collection

Every day for, well… ever, people have told us that they love our designs but simply cannot afford one of our fully customised French Oak tables. So, we’ve designed this collection of tables with the same Natural / Industrial style you already know. And, as with all Abacus tables, with quality durable materials and engineering that, combined with the unrivalled Abacus aftercare, means that one of these tables will genuinely last you forever… At a much more affordable price.

Instead of making every element of the table customisable, we have used our knowledge and experience to select the materials and options that we believe create the very best balance of style, durability and value for you. Hence, “The Select Collection”. 

The Select tables have a rustic style, with a very characterful, solid oak table top with the option of straight or live natural edges. Each tables comes with a single-piece smooth top, made up of multiple pieces of European Rustic Oak of varying widths up to around 200mm, each piece running the full length and thickness of the table (no skinny layers of oak laminated together!) to give each table top the unmistakable, authentic flowing grain and colour of Oak.

The tables are hand-finished with a durable, high performance hard wax oil, robustly designed to protect solid oak flooring. From a protection point of view it performs better than any other hand-applied oil we have ever tested over the years and, if you do mark it, unlike wood-stained or lacquered surfaces, you can easily restore and refresh it. This is the same 4-colour palette finish we use in our oak beam table range and the hand-application adds to the contrasting colour across the grain to maximise the Oak’s natural character.

You can choose any length you want up to 3m, but we have fixed the width of all select tables at 1m wide, which is a comfortable width for 1 person to sit at each end of the table. You can also be able to choose from Oval and Round table top options.

The legs of the New Select collection are powder coated and you can choose from a range of industrial finishes and colours, or upgrade to any RAL colour you want.

And finally, because of the pride we have in our designs and our work, The Select Collection carries the Abacus quality mark, engraved into a subtle hand-made burnished Pewter badge at the foot of one leg, to signify the long lasting quality in every table.

We’ll be officially launching the collection very soon, but we are already taking orders right now for all designs and sizes, so please get it touch if you would like prices for any of the Select Collection tables.