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Rustic Dining Table – How To Tell Good Quality From Bad

Rustic dining table manufacture, like any product manufacture, comes in a variety of qualities, from good to indifferent to downright poor. Bear in mind that true quality is often reflected in the cost, and if a table looks too good to be true for the asking price, then it probably is. If your family is investing in a wood table for your home and you’re interested in making sure it lasts, even down the coming generations, then there are some important questions you should ask before you part with your money. This article should give you an insight into how to tell good quality from bad.

Choose A Dining Table Set With The Right Wood Moisture Content

So how important is the wood moisture content? It’s very important, especially when shopping for a wooden rustic dining table. Let me explain…

Wood is what’s called a hygroscopic material, which in simple terms means that it tends to adjust to the moisture levels found in the surroundings in which it’s positioned. It does this by absorbing moisture if it’s stored in cool, wet environments, or releasing moisture into warmer, drier environments.

If you buy a rustic oak extending dining table for your home, the atmosphere will tend to be much warmer and drier than the wood’s natural setting. So, therefore, if the wood used to craft your rustic solid oak extending dining table hasn’t been dried thoroughly before you get it home, it’s liable to crack and warp in its new environment, often resulting in a that’s completely unusable.

To do the job properly and effectively, the wood must be properly air-dried for a period of several years. It must then be dried in a kiln, or depending on the thickness of wood it can also be vacuum dried. It’s no surprise that it’s often standard practice to shortcut this process, as properly dried wood can be very expensive.

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Without sufficient drying time, timber that’s still damp may look as good as its counterpart, but once in the warmth of a modern home, it will succumb to cracking and warping. Any claim by the manufacturer that this is natural character or due to the rustic nature of the material used should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Wood Quality Is Also An Essential Consideration When Looking At Rustic Dining Room Tables For Sale

Buyers should not only seek reassurances that the moisture content of the wood used in the crafting of rustic dining room tables for sale has been carefully monitored. They also need to be aware that the quality of the wood used is an important factor too. Less conscientious manufacturers can be tempted to utilise cheap, low-grade timber for their products.

There’s no doubt that tables made of poorer quality wood can still look great. They will still boast impressive knots and have striking patterns in the grain; and will no doubt look very appealing to the untrained eye. But one issue with inferior grade timber is that the density throughout tends to be inconsistent.

Large rustic wood dining tables made from lower grade timbers are much cheaper for the manufacturer to produce, and therefore for the purchaser too. But once in your home, the table top will dry out at different rates, which is very likely to result in twisting and warping of the table’s surface as it acclimatises to the indoor atmosphere.

So if you’re looking for a table that will last you a lifetime, you need to find a company that invests both time and money in the process.The challenge is to select a prime grade timber with a consistent density and beautiful flowing grain patterns, and ensure that this timber has been sufficiently and correctly dried out before being used. Manufacturers who approach the process less rigorously may be able to sell their tables for less, but this is not furniture that will survive the test of time.

A Small Or Large Rustic Dining Table Should Be Covered By A Solid Guarantee

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Even if the manufacturer does use quality wood that has been sufficiently dried, there’s one final factor purchasers should look for, and that’s related to the design process. Rustic dining room table and chair sets will still need to acclimatise to the temperature and humidity of the home environment, and that’s something that will change from season to season. So the design of the table must accommodate this, or splitting and cracking of the wood may occur.

One way to protect a large, thick piece of timber, such as that used in crafting a dining table, is to use a design that allows movement in jointed areas. This is particularly the case where the tabletop is fitted to the base. Often, you’ll see tables where the top is rigidly fixed in a way that doesn’t allow the table top to move and breath. If you’re looking for a table that will last, look for a moveable joint system, like the one we use on our Komodo table.

The design allows the wood to breathe while keeping the tabletop absolutely solid.This minimises cracking and preserves the strength and solidity of the piece indefinitely. So if you’re not an expert, how do you protect yourself and your investment from all these issues? One sure-fire method is to look for a guarantee that’s as solid as you want your table to be.

Don’t be fobbed off by tales of wood being a natural product that’s bound to warp, twist or crack. Do look for a company like Abacus Tables, that stands by its promises and is prepared to fix or replace it’s rustic dining table if problems do arise in the future.

The Best Quality Rustic Dining Table Tailored To Your Requirements From Abacus Tables

At Abacus Tables, we’re a family-run business with the firmest focus on quality and great customer service. We genuinely believe the customer is best served by us sourcing premium quality materials and crafting tables that will last a lifetime to their own, individual requirements. From timber selection to design and engineering, everything that we do is to give you a striking centre-piece table that you’ll absolutely love, and that will last you for the rest of your life.

If you would like a custom engineered rustic dining table, start the process by viewing our website at https://abacustables.co.uk, then sign up to our newsletter and receive our latest price list brochure, along with details of any new products and relevant news.

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