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About This Project


About This Project

We’re often asked whether 52mm or 65mm thick is the best option for a table around 2.5m long. Many go with the more chunky 65mm thick but, as you can see from this project, the 52mm looks fantastic too. This particular top is made up of 3 wide slabs of oak from the same tree (the 3 widest from that tree in fact), all jointed together into 1 seamless table top. For our standard QB1 grade of French Oak this top was also very light in character with very few knots present, which emphasises nicely that every top has it’s own unique appearance and charm.

” What can I say – we are absolutely thrilled with our new table. Shinda and his helper have just left – they were terrific and so careful in bringing the table into the barn and setting it up. It is simply stunning and a wonderful mix of contemporary and traditional which fits perfectly in our converted barn. Thank you so much.”


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