Abacus is all about breathtaking centre-piece tables and the Arabica was the original coffee table design that inspired us to start the business.

After years of refining the design, material selection and build process, the table has evolved quite simply into the finest quality oak beam coffee table built anywhere in the world.

We’ll hand-build your own awesome natural sculpture of a table to the perfect size, shape, style and finish to exhibit in your home.


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Rustic Coffee Table Project #917
Chunky Coffee Table Project #901
Chunky Coffee Table Project#900
Large coffee Table Project#274
Chunky Coffee Table Project#589
Square Coffee Table Project#729
Chunky Coffee Table Project#509-2
Chunky Coffee Table Project#470
Rustic Coffee Table Project#259
Large Coffee Table Project#466
Large Coffee Table Project#472
Square Coffee Table Project#67


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Every part of our design and build process has one single purpose – to ensure each table ages like a fine wine. When you choose an oak beam table, you’re choosing huge pieces of beautifully sculpted natural material to live in your home and, like all natural materials, these huge oak beams have their own unique ways of adapting to their surroundings as they age.

It’s important to us that you understand what to expect from these living, breathing and striking pieces of natural furniture so that you and your family can enjoy your table for many many years, so here are the unique features that make our premium quality oak beam tables stay strong, solid and looking beautifully natural for life…



We are the only maker of oak beam tables who uses real French Oak Railway Sleeper grade timber, which is the very highest quality of oak sleeper that is produced.

This timber grading guarantees a minimal number of flaws in the oak, which are characteristics that can cause faults and problems in the beams as they dry, such as excessive twisting and instability.

Timbers that don’t make the grade in France are not fit for making into furniture, and are known as Garden Grade sleepers, which is only one grade above firewood. These are the sleepers that are sold in garden centres and made into the cheap disposable oak beam furniture you will find online.

Over the first couple of years making tables we learned the hard way that to make oak beam tables that last, providing a lifetime of value to their owners, only the premium grade of oak sleeper will do.

Arabica Floating Style – 860 x 1400mm (Natural Oak)


Our refined build process is designed to make tables that keep their beautiful natural looks and strength for life.

The first stage of the process is to pre-season the oak, which allows the beams to adapt to the warm, dry, indoor conditions they will be living in as furniture. When you order your table, we cut the beams to size and season every piece of the table for a minimum of 4 weeks in a drying kiln, specially set up for oak beams.

The majority of changes in a beam’s shape and appearance will take place during pre-seasoning, after which we then plane the pre-seasoned beams to perfectly square and they are ready to be made into your table.


We pre-season our oak beams before making them into tables, but completing the seasoning of oak of this thickness can only be done slowly indoors in the home where it will spend its life. So for the first 12 months after delivery, your table will be acclimatising to the unique conditions in your home over the course of the 4 changing seasons.

This is the settling period. During this 12 month settling period the oak in your table will develop a it’s own unique character as it acclimatises to your home, whilst maintaining all of its huge inherent strength and stunning natural appearance. New cracks may open and new features will appear in the beams as the surfaces move and settle.

We’ve learned over the years that the key to making an oak beam table that will last forever, is to design the table specifically to allow unrestricted natural movement during the settling period, so we’ve engineered a unique joint system especially designed to allow this to happen.



Our Arabica coffee table design get’s its strength from the huge weight of the table top, using gravity to pin the structure together. Each table top beam sits in a specially designed free-moving joint channel and is fully adjustable, allowing you to manually compensate for any movement that could potentially make a beam unstable.

The unique free-moving joint and adjustable beam supports guarantee that you can keep a beam rock solid no matter what degree of movement occurs as it settles in the settling period.

Arabica Classic Style – 860 x 2000mm (Smoked Oak)


You can tailor many aspects of your Arabica to perfectly suit your home

Arabica Classic Style with 10mm Toughened Glass Shelf



You can choose your Arabica coffee table to be built in a choice of 2 distinct styles. To make a striking impression, the Floating table style has the table legs set back under the table, giving the thick table top a floating appearance to exhibit the natural beauty of the huge oak beams oak in an original style.

Or you can choose our Classic style Arabica, where the table top subtly overhangs the table legs in a fit with a more traditionally-designed oak furniture.


The original Arabica table was inspired by a far-eastern table design, where huge slices of a tree are mounted on a central stone base and the table is at the heart of a social gathering, with people seated around it one floor cushions.

We wanted to design a versatile coffee table that could be used conventionally or as a focal point of social gatherings, so for that reason you can choose your Arabica coffee table to be built at the standard height, or at a special lower height for floor-cushion seating.



We know that the size and shape of a coffee table are critical to get the perfect balance of maximum functionality and fitting a room perfectly.

So we custom build every table to order, which means you can choose the exact size you want, up to 2.5m long and up to 1.5m (or 7 beams) wide, making it the exact fit for your space and your needs.

Arabica Floating Style – 860 x 1700mm (Natural Finish)


We’ve spent years testing different wood finishes to find the one that enables a table to stay like new, whilst maintaining the beautiful natural look and feel of the oak.

Our protective finish comes in a range of 4 natural colour tones, in an extremely durable and user-friendly finishing oil that can be quickly refreshed once every 12 months to keep a table looking like new.


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The coffee table and TV stand have arrived and they are absolutely BRILLIANT!  Far, far better than I could ever have imagined. Unfortunately I was at work so didn’t meet your extremely strong delivery men but my husband said that they were great. Many thanks indeed.

Rosemary Herrington  |  16th December 2015 

We ordered a Taylor made dinning table with the 65mm dark oak top and brushed stainless legs. All we can say is the table is exactly what we wanted and built to the highest quality, it looks stunning. The guys on the day who installed it where also great, they called to give us a time of arrival and where spot on time all in all first class service.

Toby Strickett  |  1st March 2016 

I would like to say very many thanks for the first class service from you, James and the delivery team. The pedestal is everything we hoped for and is a great addition to our home.  As expected it arrived in a perfect condition and excellent quality. We look forward to doing further business with you in the future.

Gordon Coombs  |  30th March 2016

 Really delighted with the table and it has certainly been complimented by visitors. 

Mary Wilson  |  24th June 2016

The table is amazing – we love it and so do all our friends who have seen it so far! Everything so far has been fantastic in terms of service

Diana Miles  |  15th June 2016

 Over the moon with it! Just about everyone who has seen it has commented and asked where it has come from

Rob East  |  21st September 2016

 Just to say…again…thank you. Table back with its new section and finished …looks excellent,  really glad I decided to add the extra section. Also to say what a pleasant experience in terms of delivery and setting up, thoroughly professional and civil. The table is a delight. Many thanks…you guys do a great job.

James Fields  |  13th April 2016

 We are absolutely delighted with the table -  it is wonderful. The extra length was definitely the right decision, and now the edges are balanced, it is just perfect. So, we are very happy customers. We will snap a few pictures so you can see the piece in situ.Many thanks again for all you help and support and persevering to make sure we were completely happy - which we are!

Ellie Hughes  |  21st September 2016

 Just to thank you for the wonderful table, I am so very pleased with it. But biggest thanks must go to the lovely guys who delivered it and installed it on got to be one of the hottest, most humid days, having had a few deliveries from - have to be careful what I say, but these guys were great and a credit to you and your business. Thanks again John.

David Beswick  |  20th July 2016

We're really happy with the table - it looks fantastic. It's slightly more rustic than we were expecting but looks even better for it! My wife took the delivery and said the guys were brilliant - they kept us fully posted on when they were turning up which made things so much easier for us to sort out our schedules. Thanks again for a great all-round service.

Andrew Phillips  |  15th September 2016

We absolutely love our table, thank you, and have had loads of compliments about it.

Sally McCombie  |  9th January 2016

We are very happy with the new tables and they have been admired by guests. Many thanks 

Fiona Baker  |  2nd November 2015

Thanks very much. The table looks fantastic

Ben Oxley |  25th July 2017

The sideboard is AMAZING - we love it and have already received loads of positive comments from friends.  Delivery guys were great - called before they arrived and were very polite.

Helen Hutton  |  16th July 2017

We love the table …. The chopping board arrived last week … a beautiful piece … Catherine wants to stare at it rather than chop!! 

Andrew Field  |  31st May 2017

This is the type of client service which is rare to see these days but makes you stand head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you so much - very much appreciated.

Karen Le Cornu  |  30th May 2017

Just wanted to drop you this short line to say what an outstanding job and service you and your guys have done with the table 😀 it's good to work with real professionals. Thank you 

Michael Murray  |  28th April 2017

Both my husband and I think that the table and bench are wonderful. We enjoyed our first meal on the table today with my son and grandson. We were able to fully appreciate the table and bench.

Anita Kavamorgan  |  24th March 2017

Thanks so much for our table, we really love it! It looks great in our sitting room and we are delighted!

Lucy Found  |  21st January 2017

Our table is in place, it looks fabulous.

Carol Thomson  |  23rd December 2016

Very pleased indeed. The table is perfect in our Stables Conversion.

Derek Fairhurst | 4th February 2016

We absolutely love the table and it really sits well in our house – we took a long time to find the absolute right product and this is definitely it!

Jane England  |  17th October 2016

Thank you, delivered before the estimated delivery date by a very efficient pleasant crew. The table is fantastic, most frequent comment from others, is heck that's big but that is exactly what we wanted, big, chunky and rustic, it completely makes the room. The oak very heavy I don't know how we would ever move it if we had to, but no matter it is not going anywhere ! We love it ! 

Catherine Marshall  |  23rd September 2016

We absolutely love our table, thank you, and have had loads of compliments about it.

Sally McCombie  |  9th January 2016

We are very happy with the new tables and they have been admired by guests. Many thanks 

Fiona Baker  |  2nd November 2015

We are delighted with the furniture, it fits perfectly and looks fabulous

Ian Downie  |  30th March 2015

It's made a real statement in the house and I've had loads of people ask where I got it from.

Kate McLoughlin  |  13th March 2015

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with your beautiful tables, thank you  so much for arranging the earlier delivery, we are delighted.

Emma De Souza  |  10th April 2014

Table turned up and the guys fitting it together were very helpful. It looks great and we are very pleased with it. Many Thanks

Shaun Garrett | 14th September 2015

I want to say how very pleased we are with our coffee table. It looks absolutely stunning. Your website photos are great but to see the quality and workmanship when we received it, it exceeded our expectations. We are absolutely delighted.

Nicola Beer | 29th March 2016

We are absolutely thrilled with the new bespoke coffee table, better than we'd imagined it and just the perfect piece for our home. So many compliments from our friends and family. The experience from start to finish was the best - and believe me we've had a number of orders / deliveries over the last year, thank you!

Danielle Moy | 10th May 2016

The table looks fantastic, just how we'd imagined, and very much in keeping with the house. The kids love to do their jigsaws on it, and due to it's look and sturdiness that's fine! Thanks for your service, everything was 1st class, will recommend and use again.

Jonathan Evans | 21st August 2015

We are delighted with our coffee table. As for your service, not sure you could improve on it much! You've kept in contact every step of the way from order to delivery, so it's been brilliant.

Cathy Cook | 14th June 2016

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for my table.  I absolutely love it.  I spent a long time looking for the right table and I am so pleased I came across your website.  It finishes off my room beautifully and is a real focal point. Thanks again

Kim Savage | 28th October 2015

 I love it. The whole family love it! Even my partner who rarely compliments. I was worried it would jar with the Oak floor. Or look to big. Or look too contemporary for a 16th century farmhouse. But it really works. It’s solid presence centres the room and actually makes the room feel bigger. Your tables are beautifully simple and let the stunning wood grain take centre stage. The service was great and I have no suggestions to improve that at all.

Carol Naylor 4th May 2016

We are delighted with our table thank you, it looks great. The delivery team were fantastic and made sure the table was in the right position and fitted properly before they left, even though this involved several attempts to get it right they didn’t just accept it being 99% lined up. Can’t fault the table or the delivery/build at all and would not hesitate to use you again.

Matthew Light | 14th June 2016

Your team successfully delivered the table this afternoon, very pleased with the table and the service throughout. I attach a few photos of the table in situations. Very best regards.

Michael Munro | 21st September 2016

 Not a cheap product and the first time I have purchased Tarzan products, so it's fair to say I was a little apprehensive. Dealing with the company at order stage made me aware that they are very proud of their product and honest in the way they do business. The product itself is more than worth the money and so beautiful. Delivery and build on site was very professional and well organised. Overall excellent product and service levels. Thank you John for all of your help. Excellent product, excellent service.

Alan Honarmand | 16th March 2016

Had to tell you how pleased we are with our new table perfect fit and match. The whole shopping experience from sales to visiting the workshop to the guys who came to set it up was brilliant

Nigel Smith | 18th December 2015

Just to let you know I have taken delivery of the tables.  They are all lovely thank you.

Jane Valvona | 24th July 2016

We are delighted with the table - it is a focal point within our kitchen and is in constant use. Every visitor that we have had has remarked on what a beautiful table it is. The build quality is everything I hoped it would be; lovely thick pieces of oak and just a simple but hugely strong steel support. It is head and shoulders above all the other tables we looked at. Please also pass on my sincere thanks to your delivery guys. 

Ben Stodell | 10th June 2016